Monday, July 18, 2011

A New Blog for a New Day

This is my new blog. Some of you might remember a few of my old blogs - Wild Moon Swings, or Ghost Mist. There's still up. I'll probably post some links to them, but I won't be adding any new posts. Sorry about that. Time to move on.

Anyway, today I get to introduce myself as myself. In the past I've always been Sapphirefly, but since my writing is progressing I get to go by a real name instead of a quirky alias, so I'll be Stephanie from now on. Weird eh? I'll bet y'all thought my name was something less popular in the eighties. Also, eventually, I'll probably have a picture of myself on this sucker. Which strikes me as even weirder since I've enjoyed the freedom of anonymity for so long. Then you'll all know how old I am, how much I weigh and all those things I've liked keeping to myself all these years. But it's also a relief in some ways since I've had lots of readers write in and sometimes I've wanted to make better friends with them. So, this is my chance. I love meeting people for the first time.

You know what this means as well. It means that I finally worked my way out of epublishing Hell and found a company to work with. That's a relief too. It means that although I didn't get a book available for sale before my high school reunion, I did get it worked out before I turned thirty. Close call, eh?

For now, we'll just go with the news. I'm Stephanie and I don't have to print copies of my book in my basement to sell on ebay. Instead they'll be for sale in very ordinary places, like Amazon, to name one. I haven't done a blog in awhile because I've been exceptionally busy, so I've been saving up topics to write about. Stop by again and I'll talk about the bookshelf by my bed.