Thursday, October 25, 2012

I'm not Dead

I know a lot of you thought I was dead.  I haven’t been writing on any of my normal venues.  I haven’t been emailing my fans back with any degree of regularity.  I haven’t been doing book promotions.  I haven’t been writing my blog.  And anyone who emails me or texts me has maybe been getting a response.  I love being consistent, but you know what kittens?  I’m still sick as a dog and six times as mean.  And over the past three or four months of intense illness, I lost my post about enormous worms.  Bummer!

Anyway, here’s the plan for the next couple months.  First, I have a couple book promos that are going to come out in the next two weeks.  One is for ‘Bats in Between’ and the other one is for ‘Swans in Sight’.  Both of those are by Jandy Branch.  Next, I plan to rerelease ‘Dragon’s Moon’ on  You won’t be getting an edited version or anything that fancy.  You’re going to get the old version that I published in 2005-2006.  I keep getting requests for it, so at long last, I’m going to deliver. 

I’m scared to commit to anything more complex than that for now.  My health sometimes takes unexpected nosedives.  Anytime anyone sees me out in public these days they comment on how white I am.  Well, who can blame them?  I was inside alternating between child’s pose and the fetal position on my bathroom floor for the whole summer.  My rose garden is dying.  Seriously, rose bushes that used to yield 25 blossoms at a time yielded from two to six blossoms … the whole season.  And the drugs I was prescribed made me so dizzy, I couldn’t even read. 

The long and short of it is, yes, I look kind of dead.

It’s okay though.  It could be worse.  That was what I really learned this past summer.  There is no bottom to pain.  You think you’re suffering the worst pain a person can endure and wham – you find out there’s always more.  So, you’re doubled over because your guts hurt intensely, but you could always have a cold on top of that, or a cut somewhere irrelevant, or a twisted ankle, OR someone could come in and deliver hopelessly tragic news about something in your life or the life of someone else.  Mental anguish always adds a nice twist.

Well, I know I’m being morbid today, so next time I’ll be cheery.  I just never feel like summer is complete without writing an essay entitled ‘What I did with my Summer Vacation’.

P.S. In the second to the last paragraph, I went easy on you guys.  I could have written a huge stack of icky medical conditions, but I left them out.  I’m so nice to my readers.